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Stag, Loch Arkaig. Photo _madeinthehighlands_

Hey There!

These are unprecedented times and here at McNeill Holiday Lets, we try to keep our family, our guests and our community safe.

We do all our own duties, laundry, housekeeping, gardening, you name it, we do it. So we really appreciate your help, and understanding when it comes to lateral flow tests, cancelling your trip if you are ill, letting us know of any illness either prior to your stay, or during it, and some light housework during your stay. 


For all these we are ever so thankful.


Covid-19: Subject to change, we will keep you updated.

If another Covid-19 lock-down is announced by the Scottish government and it affects your booked dates any payments already made, will be refunded in full unless you wish them to be transferred to a later, available date.


In the event of your having to cancel your holiday, the balance of your payment would still be liable unless you, a member of your family have a positive covid-19 diagnosis, or you have been contacted by the test and protect service.

We advise you to take out cancellation and holiday insurance.

Please inform us immediately by phone or email if you need to alter or cancel your booking, your booking will be cancelled from the date we receive your request. 

Cancellations more than six weeks from your arrival date will forfeit your deposit only, any other monies paid will be refunded in full.

Cancellations within the six week period of your arrival date will forfeit your deposit and balance unless we are successful in re-letting your dates in which case you will forfeit your deposit only, if we are unable to re-let your dates no refund will be given. Again, we advise guests to take out the relevant insurance.

Any guests presenting themselves with symptoms or who is asymptomatic of Covid-19 while staying with McNeill Holiday Lets and who needs to self-isolate, will, according to the Scottish hospitality guidelines, be advised to check out and return home to self-isolate. Guests who present with acute symptoms, breathing difficulties, or whose life may be at risk must seek medical help immediately. 

If you decide to stay under these circumstances, you, the guest will be required to pay the full costs of any and all affected subsequent bookings, (deposits and balances).

In the eventuality that a previous guest has tested positive for Covid-19 while staying with us, and have been instructed to stay on at the property, and this has a subsequent effect on your dates, you will be given a full refund of deposits and balance paid. McNeill Holiday Lets will not be liable for any other inconvenience, further expense, or loss.

Please inform us immediately if in the two weeks prior to your arrival, you, a member of your party or a member of any of your parties family, falls ill with, is asymptomatic of, or tests positive for Covid-19, and please do not travel. We will refund you in full if you have to cancel after a positive covid-19 test.

McNeill Holiday Lets can not be held responsible for any disruption to your booking due to transport, travel or weather and no refunds will be issued.


We are extremely happy to be able to offer NHS staff and emergency services staff a 10% Discount, proof that you work for the NHS or emergency services, must be shown at the time of booking and will be verified. We also accept the Blue Light Card. Please enquire at time of booking as no discount can be made after payment of monies.​​

Covid-19 what to expect from us:

McNeill Holiday Lets are doing everything that we can, and to the best of our ability, to keep our guests reassured, safe and to help prevent the virus spreading. To help do this, we have and are: 

  • undertaken a risk assessment to ensure the safety of our guests.

  • We will be leaving as many days between bookings as we can.

  • We have completed and passed an infection prevention and control (including Covid-19) course, and as always will be thoroughly cleaning the property at changeovers and using products approved for use on covid-19.

  • We will be wearing ppe, when completing changeovers. (masks, gloves and aprons).

  • We will provide a small amount of hand sanitizer and cleaning product for use during your stay.

  • We will be continuing with our non-contact check in and check out process.

  • We will be cleaning and sanitising keys before each arrival.

  • If you need us to visit the property for any reason during your stay, we will wear masks and gloves and practice social distancing.

  • We always wash throws between guests but will be removing some extra items from the property, especially if we only have a few guests staying at the property, this will make changeovers easier for us and will also help with the disinfecting of the property.

  • All our linen, towels, shower curtains, bathmats, pillow, duvet, and mattress protectors are changed between guests, this will continue.

  • We will try to dishwasher on hot cycle, all crockery, cutlery, and glasses before your stay, but suggest you wash everything in hot soapy water on your arrival prior to use.

  • Remote controls will be cleaned with anti-viral cleaner between guests.

  • We know how important the books, leaflets, DVDs, computer games & consoles and board games are to your stay, so decided to keep them for your use. We are unable to disinfect each of these in between guests so if you wish to use them, we recommend that you wash your hands before and after use and if you wish you can clean them with the disinfectant spray/wipes/product.


Your help:

We would appreciate your help and understanding, and would ask that you inform us immediately and do not travel, if you, a member of your party or any of your parties family members fall ill with any symptoms, who are asymptomatic of, or test positive for covid-19, we will offer you a full refund on covid-19 cancellations. We would also ask you to please follow any instructions left for you in the property as it is important for you, the guest but also to us, our family, and our community. 

In Scotland from 21st March 2022, face coverings are no longer mandatory but we ask that you please use your common sense to help keep our community safe and try to observe social distancing, and still wear face coverings. Wearing face coverings helps to protect those around you, not just yourself. Thank you so much.


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